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Cargo Van Rentals

Cargo Vans are available to rent at Budget Utah

cargo van rentals

Who needs a cargo van?
Cargo vans are perfect for a student going off to college, moving into a first apartment, or as a great low-cost solution for expanding businesses.

Why rent a cargo van?
RAM ProMaster, Ford Cargo Vans, or similar are easy to drive, low cost, and have the same cargo capacity as a 10″ moving truck. Reserve a cargo van rental today!

Can I rent multiple cargo vans?
Absolutely! Whether your business requires one cargo van or a fleet, we can help.  We offer discounts on multiple rentals and options on mileage. Our cargo vans are available in black or white if you require a particular color.


  • Seats two people comfortably in the front.
  • Front-Wheel-Drive with a 36-foot turning diameter helps navigate crowded city streets, worksites, or loading docks with confidence.
  • Cargo Height of 65.4 Inches, you can even stand upright in the cargo area.
  • Over 460 Cubic Feet of Cargo Capacity
  • Nearly 90° Vertical Walls – The cargo area’s vertical walls optimize the space available for storage and upfits that fit against the walls.
  • Wide Door Openings – With up to 49-inch openings on the sliding side doors and an over 60-inch doorway in the rear, all access points are wide enough to accommodate standard pallets.

cargo vans

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